Who is this Program for?

ANYONE looking to be a Professional and internationally accredited life coach

Any leader looking for leadership and coaching skills

What’s in  “The Art & Science of Coaching”   Program?

Module I – 10 Online Classes  

Once you complete Module I, you will be able to:

 Establish effective coaching session outcomes

  Conduct a full Solution-Focused coaching conversation from beginning to end

  Establish and demonstrate objectivity during coaching conversations

   Deliver developmental feedback using Solution-Focused principles

  Apply powerful questioning techniques to assist the coachee towards solutions and effective actions

  Define the functions of the brain systems and their role in effective communication

   Develop a positive self-image

    Use strategies for establishing intimacy and trust

240+  coREACH Coach Graduates and Counting!! 

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 Module II –  8 Online Classes   

Once you complete Module II, you will be able to:

  Apply coaching exercises to assist the coachee to prioritize effectively and maintain the discipline to complete them

  Use strategies to assist the coachee to create and streamline a plan of action

  Use visualization techniques for higher brain functioning

  Use processes to support the coachee in developing mastery of a desired skill-set over the long-term

  Apply approaches that encourage self-awareness and recognition of developing competencies

   Enable the coachee to access their deeper knowledge and find solutions with specific exercises.

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With YOU All the Way, Always One Phone Call Away!

  Erickson Support System

WE  offer a lifetime support system to help you sustain a solid career while taking firm steps into the coaching industry.

 GROW with Your Community

Join the family and get introduced to one of the largest communities of coaches in Saudi Arabia to share knowledge and experience with your fellow coaches.

  Start A Strong Career!  

Build your coaching career through our various events and programs to jump-start and rise in your coaching career. 


More About Coaching

  The Career of the Future!

What can possibly be better than a career that brings  YOU  value & great income?!!


  The Annual Revenue of Coaching in the Middle East is 300 Million SR  
(Source: ICF 2020 Global Study)

 The Average Annual Salary of a Coach in the Middle East is 130+ thousand SR
(Source: ICF 2020 Global Study)

  The estimated global total revenue from coaching in 2019 was $2.849 billion U.S. dollars, representing a 21% increase over the 2015 estimate.
(Source: ICF 2020 Global Study)

There is High Demand for Coaching

Coaching is among the  TOP 10  rising needs in Organizations in 2020  (Source: Forbes)

And The Global Market is RISING!

Globally, it is estimated that there were approximately 71,000 coach practitioners in 2019, an increase of 33% on the 2015 estimate. (Source: ICF 2020 Global Study)

While the Competition in the Local Market is Low!

There are approximately 2,800 coaches in the Middle East  (Source: ICF 2020 Global Study) 

Here is a chance for you to step into this promising career and change lives through 

One of the Top 5 Coaching Organizations Woldwide!

An Approach Unlike Any Other!

The Art & Science of Coaching  is an ICF-accredited coaching program  that gives you first-rate solution-focused coaching practices to shift the clients’ mindset towards the solution and support them in finding the ways, strategies, and tools that would help them move forward and get closer to their goals.

This  is how you will lead meaningful & effective conversations that focus on unlocking coachees  ’ inner wisdom  so that they fulfill their purpose, solve their own problems with confidence and great insight, and lead their way to measurable and sustainable change.  

Why Erickson?

  Since   1980  ,   Erickson  has been pioneering the most effective Coach Training and Business Leadership Programs in the world, providing innovative education to a global community.

It is represented in over 114 world locations and with over 45,000 graduates.

Some other “Stand-Out-from-the-crowd” Features!

  1. Pioneers in human development programs with over 40 years of experience.

  2. Certification is accredited by the   International Coach Federation  .

  3. Trainers include internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches.  

Why coREACH?


Established in 2011,   coREACH is the first coaching firm and platform in Saudi Arabia that serves businesses and individuals.   We have partnered with elite international institutes in the coaching and consulting industries to provide top internationally accredited coaching certifications.  

With 360+ certified coaches and assessors,  coREACH is the house of internationally accredited coaches, the trusted partner in human development and workforce development with a unique pipeline of the best coaches in the region.

And with almost a decade of experience in the coaching industry, WE have served 30+ local and international companies, and 800+ individual clients. Proudly, the company now serves hundreds of clients and runs 45+ projects yearly.

With a Little Something Extra!

WE  worked on making coREACH a strong platform for coaches who thrive through empowering others, those who lead themselves and their communities to a higher quality of life.

That ’ s why  WE  initiated The  Ericksonians Support System   (ESS)  to support all graduates by offering them what they need to kick off and enhance their coaching careers. 

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