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We certify coaches in Marshall Goldsmith’s coaching process: Stakeholder Centered Coaching. The Marshall Goldsmith methodology systematically involves stakeholders in the leadership growth journey. It is the world’s only coaching process that provides measurable leadership growth, evaluated by key stakeholders. After earning the certification, you become a fully certified Marshall Goldsmith Executive Coach.


Marshall Goldsmith’s favorite way to describe his process is “Simple, but not easy.”  It all begins by selecting 1-2 growth areas based on some assessments and behavioral interviews.  Then, the leader harnesses the power of FeedForward (asking for future suggestions on how to improve in their growth areas).  Armed with stakeholder suggestions, the leader and coach will craft an action plan for the next month and share it with the stakeholders, sharing visibility on their leadership growth journey and asking for accountability and support.  This 7-Step Cycle of FeedForward and action planning takes place each month of the coaching process (most commonly 6-12 months).

Finally, each quarter the coach is equipped with Marshall’s legendary follow-up tool (Leadership Growth Progress Review) that asks the leader and stakeholders to evaluate leadership change over the past quarter on a -3 to +3 scale, giving the leader meaningful data on the return on their leadership efforts.  This makes a powerful statement about the coach’s ability to provide impactful leadership change both for present and future clients.


The certification is delivered in 2 Modules. The first module is the learning and the second is the action and implementation.

MODULE 1: The Learning. We have taken all the intellectual learning of the Marshall Goldsmith methodology and created a high-engagement eLearning course for you. You get to see master-coach commentary, demonstration role-plays, along with each and every coaching session the exact same way the Marshall Goldsmith does with his FORTUNE100 CEO clients. This is your chance to see…hear…and experience the process in its fullest. The eLearning is self-paced and will take 12 -16 hours, and then you are ready for something even more engaging – the live workshop, which is Module 2.

MODULE 2: The Live Workshop. The live workshop is all about implementation and putting into practice what you learned from Module 1. You get to be right in the middle of the action with coaching labs and breakout groups. You get to orchestrate the leadership success of executives role-plays. You will also be featured in various executive coaching panel discussions and Q&A & sessions where you get to share your coaching wisdom with others. The live workshop is your chance to shine. And you get to come away from it all with a lifelong affiliation to the World’s #1 coaching brand. The live workshop is delivered over 16 hours and is designed to match each learners needs.

For those who value real-time support from multiple facilitators, a global leadership and coaching perspective, and business acceleration activities built into the workshop – the Global Online Workshop is for you. It features coaches from 10+ different countries and gives you the highest return on investment for the workshop. You will work face-to-face in our state-of-the-art digital classroom.

For those who prefer to work with local leaders and coaches, a shorter learning cycle, and want to commute to any of the beautiful regions we host workshops, then a local onsite workshop is for you. You will work with regionally based coaches in any of the dozens of locations we visit yearly.


In addition to becoming a certified executive coach and receiving 15 ICF CCEUs, you get premium membership to the world’s largest executive coaching network with nearly unlimited collaboration opportunities. Your access includes free usage of marketing and branding collateral, a personalized coach profile on our website, and first-choice of front-row seats to ongoing learning opportunities throughout your coaching career. The best part: your lifetime certification comes with lifetime support. Here are a few additional items:


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Executive Coaches who want to enhance their service offering and affiliate with the World's #1 Coaching Brand.

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Business Leaders who are transitioning into executive coaching and want to start with a proven process of success.


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