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Said Baaghil

You Are The Power

Marwan Al-Juhani  

Intentions in a changing world

Lynn Skotnitsky

Exploring The Soul of Money

  Janet  Harvey

Mirage of Separation

Gratitude... the feeling of my heart leads you to inner peace السلام

Noura Al-Otaibi and she

inspired me with determination

Banan Bakr

Where can I buy determination and determination?

Martin and Claudia Althaus

Gratitude as Seen in Non-violent Separation

Andrea Garfield 

Conversation About Presence (Panel)

Mishary Al-Ghamdi

The leader is a source of safety

Steven Sonsino

What's Your Legacy?

Ramadan purpose and effect

"A life without purpose is Never Fulfilling"

Every year we have a new story with Ramadan, featuring a new protagonist.

The hero of our story this year is a life seed. It grows on the land of "purpose" . It shadows of "fulfillment" extend along life accompanying a man in his lifelong journey.

It grows to have 7 branches:

This year, we'll plant its roots in your heart hand in hand with some of the biggest influencers.

Meet us every day between the 6th and 21st of Ramadan 10:30 PM till 00:00 AM

You have a story, human. We'll write it TOGETHER wherever we are, and we'll live every second of it like we do every year! The Question remains... what's your purpose?

“Man is half incomplete without a real purpose in life.”

...every year with Ramadan, we have a new story with new heroes that revolve around them

The heroine of our story this year is a seed, which we sow in the hope that we will reap its fruits in religion and

.the world 

It comes out in the land of “the goal ”, its footprint ” is a long shadow that accompanies man along his path in life  

Seven branches

Will prove their origin in the heart of this year , the land go hand in hand with the most influential in the "Zakat science initiative" g

Every day between 6-21 Ramadan   from 10:30 until 00:00, we discuss one of our seven topics . There is a story for you on this earth, we will write it together wherever we were, and we will live it every moment ... as we always used to, and the question remains.. What is your goal?