Coronavirus, Truth & Dare! How can emotional intelligence help you through the coronavirus pandemic

You are in a time machine. You go back to the old days to watch a memory of your childhood. Time stops at a one of your favourite moments. You are playing “Truth or Dare”!But there is something different about it! The rules of the game are different!

The bottle is not pointing at one person at a time. It`s pointing at everyone! And no one gets to choose whether to play with a truthor dare! For them to win the game, they have to play both…!

You look at the bottle to read what`s written on there, only to read a word you are so familiar with: “Coronavirus, Truth & Dare!”

How can you win the game with emotional intelligence?!

The situation is not easy. It has brought an extreme level of stress into our lives! Sudden changes and daily developments, loss of jobs, fear of being infected, and fear of the unknown!

So, having this ability will help you have the resilience, hardiness and skills you need to face pandemic situations like the coronavirus crisis.

Emotional Intelligence is your ability to recognize, understand, and manage your emotions and those of others; and here is how you can win the game through it:


How can you win truth?

1- Accept it:

Having an open mind and accepting the situation with what it will bring into your life is going to increase your adaptabilityskills. Yes, it`s really important to stay optimistic in such situations, but you need to be objective at the same time and see things as they really are.

Part of acceptance is having emotional awareness. Give space for your emotions, listen to them, and most importantly, name them! This will help you understand where those feelings are coming from, what`s causing them, and how you can address those emotions.

2- Stay Connected

Remember when you used to play in teams with friends or family members? Remember when they had your back in any game you played together? It made you feel safe and stronger, didn`t it?! The situation is similar. You don`t have to face coronavirus alone! Play together and stay together as a team. This will help you survive and win the game!


A- Emotional Expression:

Share your emotions and fears openly with each other. Letting them out will not only help you lessen their negative impact on you, but it will also help you develop empathy understand each other`s emotions.

B- Interpersonal Relationships

Utilize your relationships to create a support system and overcome any challenges you are facing. Spend quality time with family and friends, doing activities that help you stay connected and positive.

Offer help in any way you can; and determine how others can help you with your coping strategies. Your athletic friend, for example, can join you online with your exercise to help you relief some stress.


Accept the situation as a challenge and see how you can learn from it!

How can you win the dare?

1- Stay Positive (Optimism)

Look at the situation differently. Instead of focusing on the downside of the matter, look at the opportunities lying within it; it`s an opportunity to learn a new skill, to spend some time with family, to read that book you`ve been wanting to read for while… so many opportunities!

2- Stay in Control (Problem Solving)

A. Utilize your strengths to come up with coping solutions. You can look at similar situations you have experienced in the past and take advantage of the skills that helped you overcome hardships and challenges.

B. Having big plans will cause you to lose your sense of control. Focus on what`s within your control and plan smartly with smaller goals. Being able to achieve realistic goals will increase your confidence and your ability to find coping-solutions.

3- Let go of Stress

A. Find strategies that can help cope with stress and remain calm. You can include stress-relieving activities to lower your anxiety levels, such as meditation, breathing, relaxing, and even online counselling or coaching.

B. Set a new challenge to yourself every day. This will help increase your flexibility over time.

At times like this, you don`t get to choose whether to play or not! The bottle is pointing at everyone. It`s pointing at you! And that statement is not a question anymore… “Coronavirus Truth & Dare”!

You need to play along, keeping in mind that Emotional Intelligence is your winning card. Now is your turn to accept the challenge… truth and dare, reader, truth and dare!

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