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Going back to the roots of personality type theory while incorporating new insights into the way individuals operate in the 21st century, the Pearman is perfectly suited for use for your development.

The Assessment

More Personality:


With an innovative assessment experience coupled with a deeper look into the individuality of personality type, the Pearman provides a measure of personality in one’s natural state (i.e., what is most comfortable) and in one’s every day environment (i.e., what is most often demonstrated). It also explores any disconnects you may have by providing insight into your level of flexibility, agility and resiliency.

More Flexibility:

To be effective in today’s workforce your client must be able to adapt and flex to meet the everchanging needs and demands of the modern organization. Adapting to change and being resilient to setbacks are the operating principles that are needed for success. The Pearman FlexIndex measures how you are able to leverage your psychological resources to operate at peak capacity. More specifically, it will measure:

More Application:

The Pearman Personality Integrator offers universal insight that can be used in any number of contexts, including:

• Individual Self-awareness & Development.

• Group/Team Development.

• Leadership Development.

• Higher Education.

• Coaching/Mentoring.

• Succession Planning/High-potential Development.

The Certification

What Does Certification Include?

  • Ability to take the assessment yourself and get feedback from an experienced coach.

  • Free tokens which allow you to generate reports after you are certified.

  • A certificate that authorizes you to purchase and administer the Pearman.

  • A free online account where you administer and score the assessments.

  • Access to resources on the Pearman and personality type in general.

  • Approved by the International Coach Federation for the following CCE credits: Core Competencies 10.23 & Resource Development 4.83.

Certification Training Learning Objectives:

By the end of the certification program learners will be able to:

  • Describe personality type theory.

  • Describe Carl Jung’s contribution to personality type theory.

  • Describe the Pearman Personality Integrator (Pearman) model of personality type.

  • Describe the eight mental functions and give examples of each.

  • Describe the Flex Index and give examples of each of the scales.

  • Articulate the differences between natural and demonstrated types.

  • Describe the components of Part I: Pearman Personality.

  • Describe the components of the Part II: Pearman Flex Index.

  • Understand the science behind the Pearman.

  • Describe best practices around providing feedback on the Pearman.

  •  Interpret a Pearman assessment.

  • Articulate connections between the Flex Index and Part I: Natural results.

  • Follow a structured approach to preparing for a feedback session.

  • Demonstrate the ability to lead an effective feedback session.

  • Explain the benefits of the Pearman to clients.

  • Identify the ethics pertaining to the Pearman.

  • Identify resources available post-certification.

Who Should Attend the Training:


  • Professionals involved in HR, organizational development, human capital development, coaches, and consultants.

  • Individuals involved in education, social work, health care, and psychology.

The Trainer:


Reem AlJizawi: Reem is the founder of coREACH, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Executive & Teams Coach, and an EQ-i 2.0 & Pearman Personality Integrator Consultant & Trainer.

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