Pearman Personality Integrator

The End of Personality Stereotype

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1 Million Unique Personality Type

With its capacity to generate over 1,000,000 unique personality type profiles, Pearman Personality Integrator assessment allows you to examine your personality at multiple levels.

It helps you understand your full range of personality functioning, as well as how you operate effectively within and outside of their natural personality type.

Have Personality Work for YOU Not Against YOU !

Pearman assesses the skills and abilities needed to function effectively within and outside of an individual’s personality, regardless of the context. 




Paving the Way for YOU

Pearman provides actionable information and specific development strategies for the client. 

What's in This Certification for Me?!

Let’s walk you through your journey!

 1. Stepping Closer to Oneself with a Solid Start!

 After YOU Register:

 We open up an online Pearman-portal for you to attend pre-course e-learning hours and have a solid start in your LIVE training! 

  You take a Pearman assessment along with a complementary debrief session to go through the experience yourself. 

We send you your extensive course materials and resources.

 2. Going LIVE with Your Trainer! 

Your 8-day intensive course starts to dive deep into the science of  Pearman.  Training is divided into 2 main parts:

 Theoretical, where you:

Understand the science of personality types, its importance, and the components of the assessment. 

  Explain the science behind the tool.

Explain the benefits of Pearman to your client groups.

Describe how Pearman applies to different contexts.


In this phase, you:

Interpret and analyze Pearman assessments.

Run demo sessions 

Give actual debrief sessions to put everything into practice! 

Until  you Demonstrate the ability to conduct an effective assessment debrief session! 

 3. Securing a ROCKSTAR Career! 

Get lifetime access to your online Pearman-portal to generate your client reports with a GOLDMINE of numerous Pearman-resources and ready-made material you can use to provide workshops! 

Have up to 3 months to take your online certification assessment; and once you pass  

You get an internationally accredited certificate that authorizes you to purchase and administer Pearman assessments. 

Become a member of coREACH Pearman certified coaches and consultants network.