Parent As Coach Program

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You Love Fully as a Parent When You Become Solution Focused!

Now you can do it through…   

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Who is this program for?

The doors of this program are open to any parent or grandparent of children between 0-12 years of age. This program is for those who want to rock the requirements of this challenging responsibility, using an internationally accredited solution-focused parenting approach that creates a deeper connection between them and their children. 

Face the Challenges of this Full-Time Job!

Parent as a Coach is an ICF-accredited program that helps you face the challenges of today’s parenting job through enhancing communication and social-emotional skills to create a profound relationship between you and your kid.

Parent as Coach provides simple yet powerful techniques that empower you to build a strong, respectful, and loving relationship with your child.

You dive deep into the key aspects of a child’s brain development. You learn more about your child’s learning process and how to use this knowledge effectively to spend meaningful time with your child and build SMART plans together. 

Great News is …

Prior coaching experience is not necessary for this program!

What Will I Learn Out of This? 

 Discover and craft approaches to help your child shift from being an emotionally-centered child into a confident, possibility-oriented and loving adult.

 Level up your listening skills to listen deeply and ask more effective questions that trigger more creative thinking.

 Gain and practice simple coaching skills to create trust, build confidence and bring insight that connects your child to their best developing abilities.

 Learn how support and challenge your child positively with communication techniques that pave the way to open and authentic conversations.

 Create effective short and long-term agreements with your child that are mutually beneficial and support their growth.

 Manage stressful and disruptive situations effectively with time-tested and well researched coaching techniques.

 Become a parent that knows how to face the digital challenges of today’s world through enhancing your communication and social-motional skills

 Develop the ability to access a creative-thinking mindset rich with resources and solutions that help you in any tense moment with your child.

 Explore your own long-term values and choices as a parent over a potential 20-year parenting period.

 Practice powerful storytelling to engage your child’s imagination, develop their cognitive abilities, as well as encourage a deep, loving connection between the two of you.

 Discover how to hold space for your child’s own self-empowerment which supports them in developing themselves as their own leader. 

And most importantly …

 Foster the creativity , intelligence, emotional well-being and confidence of your child.

What’s in The Parent as a Coach Program?

Regular Erickson On-Line Program - 4 Levels: 

  1. Exploring Solution-Focused Parenting - 2 Lessons

  2. Fostering Physical Autonomy and Expanding Emotional Awareness - 2 Lessons

  3. Designing Creative Expression and Meaningful Conversations Opportunities - 3 Lessons

  4. Aligning and Balancing Family Life - 3 Lessons

Training Program
Training with Intensive Follow-up & Practice Sessions

4-day training program

4-day training program


8 follow-up sessions to put the learning into practice

Hold the space for your child to GROW and FULLY LEAD their Lives…

 I didn't believe that the conversations with my son would go to another level so quickly. And with my husband too :) Thank you from all my heart. 

 This is program is a recharge. I felt like a new person after the program. I want to thank you from my whole heart and soul. 

 I love the program! As of day 1, I could not  wait to try out the suggested techniques together with my kids and I feel we have  reached a different level of connection and trust! 

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Some other  “  Stand-Out-from-the-crowd    Features!

  1. Pioneers in human development programs with over 40 years of experience.

  2. Certification is accredited by the  International Coach Federation .

  3. Trainers include internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches. 

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Being a parent is a lifetime job of challenges, but sometimes we can make the journey more fun and less challenging!

WE & YOUR Future Child Are Waiting For YOU!