Happiness at Work

The Happiness at Work Workshop teaches the seven core principles which shows individuals, teams, and organizations, how to infuse positive practices in their personal habits, team-work routines, and the organization’s culture, in order to achieve:

  • 37% greater sales.

  • 3x more creativity.

  • 31% more productivity.

  • 10x more engaged employees.             

Workshop Objectives

  • Personal transformation towards a more positive mindset and more productive work life.

  • Sustained team happiness and adaptability.

  • Increased engagement across the organization.

  • Promote happiness and engagement by learning to identify and amplify critical social scripts and connect positive engagement to positive business results.

  • Explaining the role of EI (Emotional Intelligence) in employee’s happiness and performance.


Workshop Duration: 3 Hours

*Workshop can also be provided in Arabic.


Workshop Providers

  • Reem AlJizawi: Reem is the founder of coREACH, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Executive & Teams Coach, and an EQ-i 2.0 & Pearman Personality Integrator Consultant & Trainer.

  • Nour Bacha: Nour is a workshop writer, corporate counselor, and an EQ-i 2. practioner.


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