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About TASC (The Art & Science of Coaching)

Module 1 Description:

Teaches the Learner the foundation for Solution-Focused coaching conversations, spotlighting the structure for creating a compelling vision with the client and to assist the client to take action. The aim of this module is to provide the necessary theory and practice for the participants to be able to conduct a basic coaching session.

Module 2 Description:

Teaches the Learner strategies to assist clients to create and streamline their action plan and apply approaches that encourage client self-awareness and recognition of their own developing competencies.

The Art & Science of Coaching is an ICF-Accredited Coaching Program (ACTP) from Erickson Coaching International, one of the most recognized institutions in the world.


Whether you want to Grow as a coach or a leader or Grow your performance in your personal and professional life

Our program will provide you with the effective coaching techniques, and skills you need to achieve that.


By taking The Art & Science of Coaching program you will develop a solid foundation in the theory and practice of the Solution-Focused coaching methodology. You will learn how to help others realize their higher potential and take action that aligns with their bigger vision and become aware of the key factors that lead to a meaningful transformation within an individual


This time, TASC will be provided through Erickson’s Online Academy, a pioneer leading adult learning methodology that gives you an engaging and fun learning journey.


coREACH will be with you from the beginning to provide you with an onsite experience and a different approach to online learning.

Why become a coach? by Coach Kasia Highton

Why Erickson?

​Since 1980 Erickson has been pioneering the most effective Coach Training and Business Leadership Programs in the world. Erickson Coaches integrate the cutting-edge research of Founder Marilyn Atkinson to provide innovative education to a global community.

Erickson is established in over 36 countries and it has over 40,000 graduates.

They choose Erickson. Why?

1) Over 36 years of pioneering human development programs globally.

2) Certification is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

3) Trainers include internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches

Why coREACH?

​coREACH is the First Coaching Firm and Platform in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Believing in the importance and power of coaching and knowing that it is still in its infant stage, we worked on making coREACH a strong platform for coaches who thrive on empowering others to lead themselves and their communities to a higher quality of life for all. Therefore, we initiated The Ericksonians Support System (ESS), to supports the participants of TASC, by offering them what they need to start or enhance their coaching careers

Ericksonians Support System (ESS)

We join you in each step through your coaching journey 


Get introduced to your fellow  Ericksonians to share experience and knowledge and become part of the family


Join the revision sessions throughout the program and be ready for the certification exam


Build your coaching career through the various events and programs to get you on your feet in your coaching career

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