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Connect With  Self & Others. Grow. Make Income

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Top 10 Future Skills

Future jobs will require  distinctively human skills  and traits , making Emotional Intelligence one of the TOP 10 emerging skills for 2022!  
(Source: World Economic Forum)  

Soon, Emotional Intelligence  won't be a complementary skill in the job market, but rather one of the TOP NEEDED SKILLS !

What if  WE  told you that you can grow through it and make a career out of it?! 

Join us  ONLINE in one of the TOP internationally accredited courses worldwide to become an ICF-accredited practitioner and assessor !   

YOU Won't  Regret It! By The Way… That’s Not OUR Word, It’s THEIR

The  entire   EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 program was amazing and a huge learning experience. Our coach, the content, and the learning environment far exceeded my expectations! If you want to be an executive coach, this program is mandatory. I would certainly recommend this course to my colleagues throughout the MENA region prepared to work for a professional and valuable coaching certification!   

 — Ibrahim Al Obaidy - Freelance corporate and life coach, KSA.

The certificate program was very enriching and full of valuable knowledge that have majorly changed my way of viewing and understanding the emotional skills and behavior of myself and others. I'm so glad that I took this step and have taken this certificate as I look forward to gain more knowledge and practice within this field    

 — Ahmad Yanis

The exprience that coREACH took us in was extraordinary! Even though the training was online, it was engaging and interactive. The material is enlightening and gives you everything you need to start the journey of being a great assessor!      

 Eyad Ahmad, Certified Brand Strategist 

I truley enjoyed  the training! I gained a lot of knowledge and enlightenment from it, the group activities and discussions were lovely and helpful, and Coach Reem was amazing and full of insight. Thank you CoREACH team!    

  Seba Hammami  , Mother & IT graduate

Wait... but what is Emotional intelligence in the first place?!

Emotional intelligence (also known as EQ ) is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we:

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Perceive & Express Ourselves

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Develop & Maintain Social Relationships

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Cope with Challenges

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Use Emotional Information Effectively

The good news is that Emotional Intelligence is a skill, which means that it can be developed, refined and acquired! 

Okay, What's in This Certification For Me?!

Once you complete the program, you'll  be internationally certified as an assessor in Emotional Intelligence, using the tools  EQ 2.0 & EQ 360  
Now let ’ s walk you through your journey! 

 Stepping Closer to Oneself with a Solid Start! 

After you register:  

   We open up an online EQ-portal for you to attend 3-hour Pre-course e-learning modules and have a solid start in your LIVE training with the trainer! 
  You take an EQ assessment along with a complementary debrief session with a certified assessor to go through the experience yourself. 
  We send you your extensive course materials and resources. 
  Finally, we wrap it up with the EQ Edge Book!

 Going LIVE with Your Trainer!     

In this phase, you start your 8-day intensive course to dive deep into the science of  Emotional Intelligence.  Training is divided into 2 main parts:

Theoretical, where you:  

  Understand emotional intelligence, its importance, and the components of the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360.
   Explain the science behind the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360.
Explain the benefits of EI to their client groups.
    Describe how EI applies to different disciplines.

Now, Practice Time:

In this phase, you 

   Interpret and analyze EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments.
    Run demo sessions 
Give actual debrief sessions to put everything into practice! 

  Securing a ROCKSTAR Career!      

  Get lifetime access to your online EQ-portal to generate your client reports with a GOLDMINE of numerous EQ-resources and ready-made material you can use to provide workshops! 
   Have up to 3 months to take your online EQ assessment and once you pass … 
You get an internationally accredited certificate that authorizes you to purchase and administer the EQ-i 2.0 & EQ360 assessments. 
    Become a member of coREACH EQ-i certified coaches and consultants network. 

Are YOU a Coach?! There is more for YOU here!  

YOU get 16 CCE hours!! Approved by the International Coach Federation for the following

 CCE credits: Core Competencies 9.25 & Resource Development 6.75 

160+ Graduates and Counting!!

Still Not Sure If This Is The Right Place For  YOU ? So Did  THEY !! 

 They are super  amazing and friendly people ready to help, guide and take you to next level of experience along with them. Love the team spirit and essence that they have created at coREACH! We need such open platforms; where people feel Safe, non-judged and above all accepted as who they are.    

Aimen Tariq, Holistic Guide/Life Coach

 If you've already decided to come to coREACH, then  that's    the best decision you can make; and if you haven't , then you have to make the best decision you can make.  

  —Salman Omrani, Life Coach

  I am deeply much obliged to this learning experience with you. I  m, inspired, touched, moved & always grateful to your full of love environment & your professionalism    

  —Samah Alshahwan, Teacher/Coach

Here Is The Cherry On The Top!!

Seasoned with great material & topped with great engagement!  

 I was truly surprised of how engaged I was, I get distracted in training courses (especially the extensive ones like this one) but Reem style was very much engaging, her enthusiasm about the tool got me hooked. She encourages participation like most trainers do but what makes Reem stand out is that she REALLY listen and challenge the idea. The 'Movies to watch' part was really fun. Maybe you should do more of that.   

Mohammad AlHowshan, Acting Director of Human Resources Development at SFDA

The uniqueness was in how the information was communicated in a smooth and clear manner, in addition to ideas during the session. I was enjoying and benefiting throughout the course that I never felt the time. Based on my experience, I trust coREACH team and what they offer, especially coach Reem.  

 Nouf Alshehri, Human Resources Development Specialist, Red Sea

  It was more fun than I expected - the arrangement, the delivery, the group, the science and the content is enjoyable in itself.   

 Rima Abu Nujila, Administrative Officer.

Okay, I am really Hooked! Where do I Sign Up? 

Mmm … But what if this certification is not for ME ?

Well, Well … Listen to What Coach  Andreas Pratanos  (One of our Super EQ Graduates) has to Say!


To Make YOU Feel Better …

There are no requirements to the certification, anyone can join this program to get certified, deliver the service, and make a decent income!

FUN FACT! Speaking of income, did you know that people with high EQ earn, on average, $29,000 more annually than those with lower EQ.

(Source  Research by TalentSmart).

And WE Highly Recommend this program to:

  Professionals involved in HR & organizational development. 
  Coaches & Consultants
  Individuals involved in education, social work, healthcare, and psychology.

That ’ s cool! And who can I serve with this?

That s a great question! Believe it or not, you can serve anyone who needs to develop their EQ skills. Emotional Intelligence is Literally Applied EVEYWHERE.  

But if you wish to have a list, here are some areas :  

  Organizational Development. 
  Coaching, Mentoring, & Consultancy (Life, Executive, Leadership, Relationships, etc). 
Team Building and Development.  
Leadership Development. 
Leading Change. 

Student Development and Higher Education.
  Personal and Social Relationships.

Two-Birds One Stone Shot!

EQ assessments have several types that address the needs of different target audiences. 


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Higher Education

Here Is A Sneak Peak To Some Experiences & Opinions On The Applications Of EQ! 




Need Facts?

Why EQ makes all the difference in the world …

   400% more powerful than IQ when predicting who would have more success in their field.
   Using EI assessments in recruitment results in higher retention rates and reduced turnover.
   EQ is responsible for 58% of professional success, regardless of the job category.
   Organizations that integrate EI are %25 more likely to have extremely effective leadership development.
   Leaders with high EQ are 85% more successful than those with high IQ. 

        Some of our graduates believe that Emotional Intelligence is the CORE OF SUCCESSFUL LEADERSHIP! 


Great Profits for ROI Hungry Organizations!   
Organizations that measure EI report 16% more positive revenue growth, further making the case for comprehensively integrating Emotional Intelligence in business.  (Source:  A research conducted in partnership between HCI and MHS)  

Ruling the Future & the World of L&D

Emotional Intelligence is among the top 10 HR trends in 2020  (Source FORBES Magazine)    

Yes, some things might sound too good to be true, but Emotional Intelligence is, for sure, too good to be missed!


We get it, investing in anything is risky, but people look for quality in everything now more than ever!

Do you want to have a small second-guessed start in the business, hustling to find a chance in the market?

OR  do you want to be the shark in the ocean, sealing deals like a boss with an international accreditation and a certificate from one of the TOP SCHOOLS WORLDWIDE? 

We want you to open up a calculator and try to calculate the value of starting a solid career that secures you great positioning in the market! Guess what
 the result will be  ERROR  because the value is too big to fit that tiny screen! 

And WE Want this to be a no-brainer investment, which is why WE are offering you that chance to pay in instalments (WITHOU ANY CHARGES)!

Meet YOUR Trainer

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Reem AlJizawi - PCC & ICF Saudi Chapter President   

Reem is the founder of   coREACH   the   1st Coaching Firm and Platform in Saudi Arabia.   She works alongside a passionate team who believes in bringing humanity back to the workplace.   

Reem is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Holacracy Coach, and Executive & Teams Coach, awarded as one of the   “  Top 50 World Leaders in Coaching  ”   from Marshall Goldsmith. She is also the President & co-founder of the ICF - Saudi Chapter (International Coaching Federation).   

A Sprinkle of LOVE to Reem from Previous Participants 

 Best Trainer ever, always inspiring me, God Bless her, Charismatic, genuine, deep and beautiful

 — Alia Agha, Psychologist & coach

 I enjoyed every moment, the capability of Coach Reem to deliver the content in a very simple way, her enthusiasm made the learning journey way more fun. 

 Dalal Alsoabhi

 Reem has been extremely patient, generous with her time and in sharing her knowledge and experiences. She ensured throughout that all participants were moving forward uniformly, which is not an easy task but was done smoothly by her. I look forward to more sessions and trainings with her. 

 — Sara Mushir, Educator & Consultant 

 Coach Reem is very dedicated and knowledgeable person who helps you through your learning journey. 

  Faisal Khan, Life, Executive and EQ Coach

Now the question is … are YOU ready to join?! 

Some Client Love!   

 I can't say more, everything was great. Truly impressive 

 — Afnan Alwohaibi, Chairperson of Administrative & Technical Training Department #KFMC

 I have been recommending coREACH to people even before I started my training because you see people practicing what they expect from their trainees.  

 — Sara Mushir, Educator & Consultant 

 When opportunities arise, do not hesitate or think twice. This program will make you more professional   

 Bahaa Sadi Ikrayyem, Project administrator

 The Program is truly professionally designed!    

  Marwan Khaled, Senior Managerial Trainer & Consultant