Emotionally Effective Leader

The Emotionally Effective Leader Workshop is an interactive one day session. Alternating between group activities and individual reflective exercises, this engaging workshop encourages leaders to focus on their leadership strengths and areas they can develop further    

Leveraging results from leaders’ EQ-i 2.0® Leadership Reports, participants of this session will:

  • Learn the importance of emotional intelligence in effective leadership.

  • Leave with a better understanding of their strengths and areas to develop to enhance leadership skills.

  • Leave with an action plan on how to increase effectiveness.


Workshop Objectives

  • Increase participants’ understanding of emotional intelligence and its role in effective leadership.

  • Leverage the EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Report and enable participants to understand their own results.

  • Provide an opportunity for individual action planning to further develop facets of emotional intelligence. 

Who Should Attend The Workshop

Individuals in leadership positions, executives, head of departments, managers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who aspires to learn how to elevate himself and others reaching high levels of achievement and fulfillment.

Workshop Providers

  • Reem AlJizawi: Reem is the founder of coREACH, an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Executive & Teams Coach, and an EQ-i 2.0 & Pearman Personality Integrator Consultant & Trainer.

​      *The workshop can also be provided in Arabic.


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