Only A Culture Full of Both Intelligences is Successful

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Workshop

This is a comprehensively interactive workshop that raises awareness on Emotional Intelligence and gives employees a snapshot on their current emotional and social skills, setting the foundation to an action plan to help them leverage strengths and improve areas of development.

The Journey…

Humanity & Great Productivity Brought Together  

Participants will unlock the dimensions and concept of Emotional Intelligence by understanding how it affects the quality of their performance, leadership, and the organizational culture as a whole. 

Stepping Closer to Oneself

Through the tangible results of EQ assessments, participants will get to know their strengths and areas of development among the 15 subscales of Emotional Intelligence. 

Leveraging the reports, coaches will offer group debrief sessions to shed light on participants’ current behaviors and facilitate a detailed analysis of how they operate emotionally, laying the foundation for a solid and tailored action plan. 

Bringing the People Together

Based on interests and the results of the report, coaches will run personalized reflective & interactive activities designed with purposeful learning that builds connection among employees and team members. 

Engaging Activities Can Include Different EI Subscales According to YOUR Needs:  

- Self-regard                                                - Self Actualization               - Emotional Awareness

- Emotional Expression                           - Assertiveness                      - Independence

- Interpersonal Relationships               - Empathy                               - Social Responsibility

- Problem Solving                                      - Reality Testing                   - Impulse Control

- Flexibility                                                    - Stress Tolerance                - Optimism